Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad... Written by a young friend of mine

Take some time to read this post - especially if you are a parent.  How would you feel about reading this?  How would you respond?  There are far too many things remaining unsaid between kids and their parents.  I hope there is a chance of RECONNECTING families.

This post was written by an anonymous young friend of mine. 

Dear Mom and Dad,

I sit here trying to write you a letter but i can't. Each thought brings with it to much pain. I love you both so much but you can't even manage to be civil to each other and it hurts me so much to see that. My heart breaks at the thought that I will never be able to celebrate a birthday with both of you. I get that you have a history with each other, I'm not a child, but you two were the ones that brought me into this world. You are my parents, a life time responsibility you can't just walk away from. I love you more then anything but i was suppose to learn from you, from what I saw in you but what I see I don't want to become. I want to be someone my kids will be able to look up to and come to about anything. Someone they can trust with anything that is going on in their life. You have raised me into someone I can love to be but most of my growing I had to do without you. God helped me with many of the things I have had to deal with when you where not around and has become an important part of my life. For that I should be grateful to you, for giving me a reason to go looking for him.

Your Loving Daughter
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