Saturday, October 9, 2010

What do youth workers need?

I started this blog for several reasons. 

First of all as a youth worker I encounter some amazing people both young and old who have stories that need to be told.  Stories that can inspire some youth workers to continue in their jobs when they don't feel like.  Stories that can encourage those that have invested into the work of impacting a generation from the inside out.  Stories that help communicate the real soul of youth culture, not merely the facts and trends.

Second because I was frustrated at the lack of resources available to me that actually helped me to become a better youth worker.  There simply is not much out there that is actually relevant to someone that spends most of their time withe young people and is overwhelmed by situations that they encounter.

Thirdly.  I have a desire and a passion to teach others.  If you are new to youth work or just need some new ideas and inspiration I want to help.  I struggled over the tension of trying to make a name for myself as I climbed into the blogging and social networking worlds.  So I asked God about it and he said merely "teach".  That I can do.

What I really want to know is what is it that you need? 
  You may be a teen - needing the advice of an objective, empathetic, and caring adult
  You may be a parent - struggling to know what to do with your kids
  You may be a youth pastor - who want to thrive (not merely survive)

But I know that since I don't have everything figured out, that there is a safe bet that you don't either.  Lets stop reinventing the wheel and get the conversation rolling.  Can anyone hear me?
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