Friday, October 1, 2010

What does God want?

I sat down on a nice warm day with a bowl of ice cream in my hands and watched a miracle in front of my eyes.  A young man sat across the table from me and handed me a paper with the title "What does God want?"  On this paper were notes he had written and even a diagram to explain what the words meant.  As he was sharing I was having flashbacks to previous conversations with this same guy about his desire that I never speak of God to him again.  He told me so with some pretty colorful words mixed through the sentence. I respect people's requests and honestly I can't make them choose God.  God hasn't asked me to be successful, but to be faithful.  So I didn't give up on the friendship with this young man, but I did give him his space on these issues.  So that's the miracle.  I didn't do anything and the connection that this teen has with God is stronger than anything I could have forced upon him. I asked him if I could share his words with you and while you may not know the whole story of what makes this so amazing, take my word for it - it is.

In my opinion God wants us to follow him.  We sometimes are angry at him and defy him, but he chooses to love us.  He gave us freedom of choice.  We can choose to follow him, we can love him, hate him, mock him and love him again.  There is lots of evidence where people choose not to follow God.  Adam and Eve for instance ate the apple even though God told them not to.  It seems like people think they know what is best for themselves.  But God's plan is whats best.  I find it amazing we still get the freedom to choose, but don't deserve it.  What does God want?  Well he wants us to follow him by choice.  As people we will never understand what God wants.  Maybe its love he wants from us.  That is the only conclusion I can think, for his children (or followers) are to love him, not because he forces them.  No he wants love from his children because they choose to LOVE him and give him everything.
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