Monday, November 1, 2010

Parents, are your kids trying to get your attention?

This article was written by a teenager that I know.  They explained it to me as being a metaphor for their disconnected relationship with their parents.  As a parent myself - I hope that I never miss this call.

You are still asleep… You had a really long and tiring day. You figured you had earned myself a sleep-in day, but it was mercilessly interrupted as the phone rings.  Three times it rings , and then stops. You sigh in relief and go back to sleep. It didn’t take long. You are so sleepy…

Moments later, it starts ringing again. You groan and pull your pillow over your head to block out the noise.

“I’m sleeping!”

You scream at the intrusion. It might have registered briefly in the back of your mind that you should pick up the phone but the notion is squandered by your repulsion to this rude awakening. You don’t want to get up! You think to yourself:

"If I run to answer the phone while in my sleepy daze, I’d end up dizzy and disoriented. And after all the effort, I probably wont get there in time anyway." It just isn't worth the head-rush.

You again miss the call.

When it rings for the third time, you are stubbornly determined to ignore it. It rings over and over and you barley notice; you are lost in a sleepy stupor. Whatever the issue is, you think "Its not my problem."
You sit up in my bed, abruptly remembering what you always thought to console yourself whenever you missed a call: "They’ll call back if it’s important..."

What you didn't realize was that it was me calling.  You always have told me you wanted me to talk to you, but when I try it seems you couldn't be bothered to answer.  If I'm calling on the phone or balling my eyes out in the next room - you never answer.  You never hear.  Wake up and smell the coffee! Someone could be looking to connect with you and you need to make an effort to listen.One day I'll be gone and will have given up on this at that point maybe you will be staring at the phone begging: “Please, ring again, Please! I want to help.” But I'm not sure I want to try that number again.
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