Friday, November 26, 2010

The rise of Young Justice

The rise of the teenage superhero. Tonight marked another high in the ongoing cultural emphasis of a dominate youth culture with the premiere of Young Justice. This Cartoon Network animated series featured a collection of superheros short on years but filled with passion to impact their world for the good. The writers spent a lot of time emphasizing the fact that these young people don't see themselves as sidekicks to the "real" heroes, but rather that they are full fledged heroes in their own right. I'm not sure how much emphasis one should pit on an hour debut of a cartoon in analyzing youth culture, but I'm sure that the research a development department at the cartoon network is probably more in tune with what sort of messages will fly with a teen audience than many academic or theological professionals could really claim. As much as youth are criticized for being at the center on society for many they feel as though they could never really impact change. We adults fail to remember that they are not only the future generation but they are also a part of the current generation as well. In such a time when kids are falling victim to an escapist mentality on life it would be good to bring them a show that instills the confidence and mindset of being passionate world changers and puresuers of justice. What do you think? if you watched the show fill me in on what themes you saw rising in the dialog. If you didn't watch let me know what you think of the concept.

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