Monday, December 20, 2010

Youth Culture Update 12.20.2010

Welcome to the ProYouthWorker culture news update for the week of December 20, 2010.  There are many things affecting today’s teens.  This is your opportunity to spend a few moments think about the most prevalent.  (At least in my opinion). 

Even though I have been a youth worker for a long time it still amazes me to hear kids in elementary school singing song with racy lyrics or to hear their conversations over shows that I wouldn’t watch myself.  There are a lot of sexual themes in the music and that media that young kids are watching.  An ABC news story covered a study done about the “saturation” of sexual imagery on young viewers and they reported that, "It really has an effect on their mental health and their attitudes towards themselves. And it can really have lifetime negative consequences"  

Some of the most obvious of those affects are the way in which teens view themselves often trying to live up to the sexualize role models on television.  One article posted some stats that 78% of girls by the age of 17 have an eating disorder and large portion of boys are “unhealthily preoccupied” with their bodies.  Look at the teens you see every day and ask “who are they trying to emulate?”  

However, many teens seem to ignore the so called warnings of the experts and continue in their self destructive cycles.  One group is working on a bit of a deferent angle in talking to teens about sex, less about health and more about money.  What is it that sexual choices will literally cost you?  

Check out this video:

I am the proyouthworker and I present this information so that youth workers may be empowered to be different types of role models.  I want to see youth survive and youth workers thrive.  For more youth culture stuff visit my blog
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