Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review of Parent Taming By Sandi Hunter

As a youth worker I am frequently interacting with young people about their frustrations of dealing with their parents. That is why I was drawn to read Sandi Hunter’s book titled “Parent Taming”. In this book Hunter focuses on helping young people come to understand their parents from a different perspective. This begins by analyzing different personality types and effective communication skills. The book is centered on a concept called transaction analysis, which define three major ways in which people interact with each other: as a parent, as a child and as an adult. Hunter finishes off the book with a push to equip teens with the some basic tools for mediating potential conflict and finding resolutions that can work within the family.

These are all concepts that I talk about regularly with young people as they work through the process of moving from a dependent child to an independent adult. The title seemed be supporting a bit of a self serving attitude of getting what the young person is entitled to but the actual material is working on self analysis and communication skill development. Whether the young person comes from a laid back or an intensely volatile home increasing the communication skill base can put them miles ahead. Some of the supporting concepts of transaction analysis seem to based in a subject view of human psychology such as Eckhart Tolle that may make some readers uncomfortable. The material reads to an older audience even though it is packaged for teens. I would recommend this book as a resource for youth workers who are interested in family mediation more so than handing out copies to young people to read by themselves. Of course the book is really intended to work alongside the Parent Taming and conflict resolution courses offered by Hunter. For more information on these courses or to order a copy of this book, go to: the
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