Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why am I a Youth Worker?

Why am I a youth worker?  

I ask myself the question as I lie awake in bed
I wonder what else I could do instead
I think of all the faces of the teens I've walked beside
I reflect on all the techniques and methods that I've tried

Why am I a youth worker?

I ask myself again
As if repeating the question will bring some sort of zen
It isn't that I am questioning the skills that I pocess
It is more that my effort at times seems meaningless

Why am I a youth worker?

Only to watch in vain
As the kids I've poured my life into have flushed life down the drain
I'm in my warm house with the people that I love
while they are on the streets feeling abandoned from above

Why am I a youth worker?

The words are now my prayer
I take a breath and continue - it just isn't fair
The things that happen to kids these days
Make me question the fabric of mans ways

Why am I a youth worker?
 it is not for the applause
it is not for the pay check I think with great guffaws
it is not for recognition, power or fame
it is not for building for myself a name

Why am I a youth worker?
Although I’m not always sure
I know that God has placed me hear of that I am assured
Success can’t be a goal of mine – it is impossible
I’m only to be willing to serve and be faithful

Why am I a youth worker?
I guess by job title alone
I think my real defining traits are much more ingrown
I am an ambassador of the king, a messenger you could say
I am to love and care and hold – no matter what the day

Why am I a youth worker?
With that perspective in mind
I think that I can carry on with my brain and heart aligned
To be a youth worker give me the opportunity
To share life with people that most of the world doesn’t see
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