Monday, January 24, 2011

Youth Culture Update: Are The Machines Out To Get Our Youth?

In the movie series Terminator, and many others life it, machines are attempting to free themselves of their human oppressors.  In a technology saturated world we like to play around with the question “What if”.  We have become dependent on more and more complex computers and machines in our world.  When I was growing up getting a typed piece of mail meant that it was really important.  Today a handwritten letter conveys more importance.  While I don’t see that machines are trying to take over the world, we may be losing a battle with them anyway.  Various studies, such as the one featured in The Toronto Sun, have linked internet use with depression on teens.  While experts can’t pinpoint the exact cause there are many correlations that link use of technology to lack of sleep and eating disorders.  Imagine if one of these movies about the crash of technology came true – could we survive in a world without our computers?  In making our lives easier we may have put our future in great turmoil.  What do you think?
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