Monday, February 7, 2011

Calling For Death Of Teen Suicide

I have stories that I simply can not share about the reality of suicide.  But as I write this, faces flash past my mind of people that I used to know.  Even just an attempt or a threat of ending ones life is a serious thing and something that I relate to well.  I remember a time when I didn't see that there was much life in life and being sick of the grey overcast existence I wanted to be done.  A friend pulled me back at just the right time and as a Youth Worker I feel that my job is to be than hand of grace to kids that have given up.  More than once I have bolted from my house in the middle of the night when thing looked bleak for some of my young friends.

Maybe that is why I was excited to be introduced to this week.  This is a real look at some trends in suicide.  It is quite graphic and so I wouldn't show this if there were young kids in the room, or if your squeamish about about death.  However, I think that it takes a good does of reality to shock the life back into todays teens. 

Sea Of Trees-Death2Suicide 15 minute version from Death to Suicide on Vimeo.

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