Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Does this make sense to you? PART II


ILLUMINATING LIVES:  It is a dark time for teens, which is evidenced by the lowest employment rates ever on record.  Our team is using this issue to address what may be holding these young people back from what God want to do through them.  Essentially we want to illuminate their lives so they can light up the world around them.

RECLAIMING LIFE FROM DEATH: We will be celebrating alongside three young people as they have made the decision to get baptized as a symbol of putting to death their old lives to pursue a new life in Christ.

FEEDING THE WORLD: As we began to pray we sensed God wasn’t finished with the small group that meets in our home even though only 4-5 teens were attending the weekly events.  The following weeks  over 25 young people have come through the door and hungry for dinner and God’s word in their lives.

SETTING THE OPPRESSED FREE: We were approached to help address the issue of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation alongside political leaders, local law enforcement and service agencies as we have walked alongside several young people that have gotten trapped is these horrific modern-slavery issues.

THE LAME CAN WALK: While not all of my health issues have been resolved I have noticed a tremendous relief from pain.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  Please continue for God’s healing hand upon my life.

In Jesus’ words to John I see that he and I have very different expectations on how he should be using his time.  He hasn’t called me, or John, to be successful but merely to be faithful and fulfill our role.  He will take care of the rest. Like all the stuff he is doing that I can’t do.  Thanks for your time.
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