Friday, February 4, 2011

Teaching Teens How To Deal With Trials

What you see here are a collection of some of the biggest concerns that the world has ever seen.  This picture contains hurt upon hurt, doubt and suffocation of life.  I know it is hard to believe.  But it is true.

At a recent event we talked about the trials that we face and how big they are.  Believe me, many of the things that modern teens are facing in western youth culture are astounding.  I've dealt with youth involved in murders, rape, sexual exploitation, abuse, isolation, suicide, etc. 

These issues will commonly send young people into various mental conditions that they don't know how to deal with other than to try and escape it through the use of drugs, alcohol and sexual escapades.  I can't say I blame them a lot of the time.  This is hard stuff to deal with. However some of the escape methods, over time compound the original problem and the trials get worse. 

I've found that the best solution to this is to have a genuine conversation about these topics with someone that can truly relate.  A friend of mine shared a bit of his life struggles with these young people.  These are life altering, nightmare giving incidents.  He then pulled out a post it note and wrote a few words that complied these problems into a simple phrase.  He then threw it on the ground and looked at it.

He didn't talk about escaping the problem, he talked about perspective.  In one way these things are huge, but if they can fit on a small post-it note then how big can they really be?  We can't ignore the problem but if we see it in a better way then we know we can deal with it.  There is more to this story but if you want to know - you have to ask.
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