Monday, February 14, 2011

Youth Culture Update: Stop Try to Fix Teens and Instead Just Show You Care

A young friend of my mine reads my blog on a regular basis.  The other day I got a message informing me of a problem with my site. It said:

You analyze teenagers too much

So this week instead of my opinion on the youth culture related news items.  I present to you a more direct youth culture  experience.  A message from this young person themselves to you!  I'd love to hear your feedback to this teen.  Please comment

As a teenager I'm sick of being treated as a science experiment. All the time I read "teen problem this, teens are doing that." Everyone has all these solutions and quite frankly it's starting to make me upset. Stop nit picking at everything we do.
So we don't email anymore. What's the big deal?
Yes. We play violent video games. Some of us don't have jobs and some of us cut a lot of class. In my opinion though it doesn't give anybody the right to put us under a microscope and examine us and find ways to make us "better." If the adult world really wants to reach us then get down to us on our level. Get personal. Stop giving us solutions to the problems you think we have and even worse, stop telling us that our problems are no big deal. They are to us.
I'm sick of people telling me that they have ways that I can perfect my life, ways that in their experience has worked for them. I mean that's dandy and all, but it might not necessarily work for me.
Stop trying to prevent mistakes and just let them happen, and when they do, don't dwell on them for hours and hours. Being a teenager is harder now then ever so they say and we don't need a bunch of scientists watching us run around a maze trying to find the cheese that is the answer we've been looking for. Give us a break, give us some space.
Honestly, some of the stuff I hear adults get on our cases about is ridiculous. Why don't you try tackling the drugs, or the prostitution or the gambling instead of worrying about how much time we spend on the internet?
And if you really are trying to help, try reaching ONE teen at a time. One. The problems that are major in teenager land lately are too big for anyone to handle by themselves. It's going to mean work, effort, time, and moving the mountain one rock at a time.
Sobering and convicting huh?  Respond if you dare.  I know this young person will be reading your replies.
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