Friday, February 4, 2011

Youth Culture Update: Teens Ignore Advice

There are lots of articles that address the issue of teen pregnancy and birth rate every year, but few have come close to Richard Korman’s insights in Miller-Mcune.  When talking over youth culture issues such as teen pregnancy many will take a dehumanizing stance in reviewing it.  It is no wonder that the programs that have been constructed to address this issue seem to have failed – it doesn’t tap into real life.  The fact that this article highlights the economic concerns more so than the health aspects may speak louder to motivate people to help young people break the cycle of being under-equipped to take on life.  The article explains that, “For 40 years, teen pregnancy has troubled policymakers and scholars. Researchers have associated children born to teenage mothers with lower birth weights, lower educational achievement and lower earnings. Pregnancy and motherhood also often interrupt both the mom’s and the dad’s schooling and career plans and mires the child in poverty.” There are also some tremendous advantages to having a little person invade your life than can help you grow up faster than anything else.  Something that I have never heard mentioned in an article such as this before.  This is a much more holistic view of young people and how we can walk alongside them in life rather than give them all the answers which they will ignore anyway.   This is exactly what a youth workers are for. 
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