Friday, April 1, 2011

Success in Youth Work Comes When Least Suspected

In the past week I could have listed a thousand reasons why I didn't want to do my job; tonight one thing happened to erase my whole list. 

We gathered with a group of youth and did  bunch of contemplative and reflective activities focused.on prayer and love.  One of these activities involved writing a note to a friend on a wooden coffee stir stick. The message was suppose to stir encouragement into the recipient. This was well received because we ran out of them.

As the night ended one of my volunteers stayed behind to share the experience he had from this. A young guy had written a note that confessed some serious stuff he had been contemplating and how my volunteer had helped him see things more clearly. The final words were the kicker.  They read, "you're my hero".
All we did was supply a meal, a listening ear and a stir stick. It required little effort. It was nothing bit to those young person it was heroic.  It can often feel as though we make no impact and then when it is least expect it we find out we did. Somehow.

That's how I know there is a God. Lives are changed even when we don't even know we are part of it.
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