Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Youth Culture Update: Teens Need To Know They Are Worth Extra Effort

My team and I have recently started volunteering in a school in the community.  We are excited about this partnership on many levels as we feel we can help to make difference with the students in the neighborhood.  In getting to know teens and teachers at the school we caught wind of something special the teachers had done at Christmas for the student.  Here it is:

When I watched this video I had tears running down my cheeks because I had never hear a group of kids collectively cheer so loud for their teachers.  I knew that these teachers have very very full schedules and families of their own and this performance had required a sacrifice of their time.  I have been doing youth work for a long time and it was refreshing to see teachers that see working with young people is more than a job.  I'm excited to work alongside this teaching staff as we volunteer to help make them even better at their life work.
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