Monday, April 11, 2011

Youth Culture Update: Teens Who Take Drugs Make Poor Decisions. DUH

Here is the headline: “New study shows booze and drugs fuel sex for Island teens.”  I am unsure who decided that was news worthy.  I am equally unsure about whom though a study needed to be done on this topic.  I think that it is pretty common knowledge that people who take drugs are prone to making bad decisions.  To me the question isn’t what the behavior is, but more simply what is causing the behavior in the first place. Simply telling someone that they are making bad choices isn’t something particularly surprising even to them and it is definitely not a motivating factor in change.

When studies like this appear it is something that we feel we need to stop.  After all these young people are making unhealthy choices.  We may be quick to judge the parenting, the neighborhood or the media because we don’t like the fact that there isn’t someone to blame.  What is wrong with the world? In the mid 20th century the world was literally war torn with the young people of each nation’s countries literally trying to annihilate each other a similar question was asked to the days greatest minds.  I’m sure that there were some excellent essays returned to the famous British Newspaper, The Times, but it was the letter by G. K. Chesterton that has stood the test of time.  He wrote simply this:

Dear Sirs, I am. Sincerely yours G. K. Chesterton

Often in the world of research it is easy to isolate problems to a specific demographic, but this isn’t their problem that we need to fix.  If we need someone to blame, we need to blame ourselves.  We make excuses for our own bad choices all the time.  We may not even believe that we have a problem.  We justify what we are doing wrong and don’t allow comparisons to be made with those that are so far below us.  If we really want to see change we have to be willing to be changed ourselves.  We need to stop looking for the problems and start seeing the people.  If you read through the article and read some of the stories, don’t be shocked and horrified by what you read, be move with compassion and think what you would want done for you if it were your story that you were reading.  (click here to read the article)
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