Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Teens Tell Me All Their Thoughts On God

The other night we had some young people over and I set out a few objects around the house for people to reflect on over the course of the meal time and hang out.  One of these papers merely said the word "God?" and I instructed kids just to write their first impressions.  I told them to try to let go of biases, or what other people thought, or even what they expected me to hear. The are not church attending teens so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Moat of these young people I have been working with over the past four or five years and I can garantee that the answers I would have received to this question back then would have been very angry.  Well here are the answers that were shared.





"Why does God love us when people are broken?"

"...thank you..."

"a mystery"


"woot woot!!!!"

"sun, waterfall and flowers"

"a mystery"


"I love you"

"God is the lover and savior of all man kind.  He loves all of his creations and changed my life many times.  God has turned me into who I am today and I am forever greatful toward him.  He has changed the life of many of my friends and has brought them into the light.  God is amazing and is working with his amazing angels to take away all the evil that is in the world.  His love has affeted everyone even if they don't know it or cant see it in him.  He is amazing for his ability to love those who do not love him in return or which not to see his amazing grace.  I hope for the day when everyone will have the ability to see your grace love and beauty in the amazing world that surrounds them, your angels and your love will change the world person by person until everyone has come into your gracel  You are my love and you hold my heart and life in the palm of your hands."
So my question is:  What would your answer be?
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