Friday, June 17, 2011

Vancouver Youth Reactions To The Riots

 I talked with a lot of young people today about their reaction and opinion of what happened in Vancouver after the Canucks failed to take the Stanley Cup.  Considering some of these kids used to be the type that would have thrived on this sort of thing I was encouraged by the answers and you should be to.  There is hope and potential for the future as well as the current Canadian youth culture Here are a few of the text message reactions I had from young adults and teens in the Vancouver area:

"I think it was embarrassing.  It wasn’t even the fans that did it.  People just wanted to cause trouble.  The fans are proud of how far the Canucks made it.  People went down town just to riot.  It is even more embarrassing that they destroyed stores and pushed a guy off an overpass"

"Utterly disgraceful.  I’ve watched some YouTube videos and the overwhelming majority make me sick.  Interesting though that in one a single man stands up to a group of people smashing a smart car and the crowd instantly turns with him."

"It looked like post apocalypse, complete disaster temper tantrum on the fans part.  They couldn’t have done anything to prevent it but police should have gotten a bit more forceful.  They were a little bit too laid back about it.  And then kept the sky train calmer so ppl could leave, so many ppl got stranded b/c busses were closed and the sky train station was apparently a disaster and super dangerous."

"Ugh, not sure, the canucks had no excuse.  Ppl rioting went too far but I knew it was gonna happen"

"I think it’s ridiculous.  I’m more upset than anyone that we lost but I’m not gonna torch cars over it.  Those ppl went with the intention of rioting.  It makes actual canuck fans look like morons and it reflects badly on the team and the city.  I’m pretty sure the players are horrified to be associate with it. Ppl deal with disappointment in various ways. Some ppl riot while others mope around in their pjs till like 3pm.  When you first asked for my opinion I was tempted to say I was down there setting things on fire but mostly I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry"

"Pathetic. Honestly I think people are stupid and have no common sense.  I get that people pent 1000’s of dollars on a ticket, but yeah, stupid people."

"I think it is ridiculous, suppose to be one of the greatest cities on earth and we riot over a sports game. Sadder thing is, that it was expected of us to do so.  And people brought masks and stuff for after the game. Gives Vancouver a bad rep after we hosted the world, we cry about a hockey game"

"I think it was to be expected, the majority was against the riots or not a part of them.  I also think we should trade Lu"

"It’s horrible."

"Well I don’t really feel like talking about much else to be honest and with everything else going on I didn’t really pay much attention to the riots"

"It’s disgusting.  Did you hear about the boston fan?  I heard they threw a boston fan over the overpass in van, and he’s in critical condition in the hospital.  It’s so sad.  I felt sick last night.  it’s just a hockey game.  Now Vancouver fans look like idiots"

"Absolutely awful.  The game and the riots.  Stupid and pointless.  The cops should have been much more involved and called in reinforcements sooner.  Or instead of police, have the army do security.  The looting was way over the top"

"It’s pathetic. It’s sad to see people acting that way.  If you want to be upset okay fine but you don’t act like that.  Why destroy our city? Like what does that accomplish!"

"It was a big disgrace to all canucks fans.  They all acted like babies"
As I said in my last post, I will say again: Take this as an opportunity to learn a bit more about what makes Canada great, to give them credit for great hockey.  Also realize that there is a lot of work to be done, both in the short term with clean up, and long term as our team works with teens and young adults.  If you would like to help support the ongoing work in the Vancouver area please support my work: Click here to donate. Be sure to make a note that it is to support youth work of Danny Ferguso. Thanks so much for getting on board in changing the future.
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