Thursday, March 8, 2012

Help a Youth Worker Out

Some friends that work at a website called Chimp have extended an opportunity to me that I had to share with you. As you may or may not know, all of the youth work I do is funded by people, like you, that believe that young people need someone to walk along side them as they try to figure out life. Just in the past few months here are some examples of the types of situations I have walked in teens in Langley.
  • I spent time in the hospital while a young man underwent surgery for kidney failure
  • I spent time in a restaurant with a teen mom and her baby as she asked my wife and I for parenting advise
  • I spent time in a coffee shop with a young lady who in tears said she just needs a family that loves her
  • I spent time in an art gallery with a group of teens from an art club we run.
  • I spent time in a mall food court with a group of teens who shared some of their life hurts with me.
  • I spent time sitting next to a young kid who's brother had died over Christmas and how much that has effected her
  • I spent time in front of a crowded room of community stake holders and advocated for the high risks teens face in our community.
And there is more. Thank you for your encouragement and support to be there full time for these young people. Here is where it gets exciting. Right Now Chimp has offered a matching fund donation. What that means is if you give $50 and give it toward Greater Vancouver Youth For Christ and make a note that it is for Danny Ferguson - they will in turn give an additional $50. In doing this you can help assure I can be there for more situations like these above. Here is how it can happen.... Right now.
Simply click on this link
Set up a chimp account
Allocate it to Greater Vancouver Youth For Christ
Make a note that it should be directed toward Danny Ferguson
And feel proud to be a part of make a difference.
Thanks for considering this. It means a lot.
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