Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Youth Culture News: Amazing Teen Wow's the Tech World

Since so much of youth culture news focuses on the negative (violent crimes, dangers and case studies) I wanted to take a moment to highlight one of the more endearing new released about a teen that not only wowed her friends and family, but the whole of the tech world.

Read the original news release here:


If you don't have time to click on that, the basic idea is that this 18 year old girl created a device that can fully charge a cell phone in 20 seconds.  For many 18 year old's, their dreams are not nearly so lofty.  Just last week when asking a young person how their week was they responded, "Well... I didn't get arrested!"   What is the difference?  If I knew an answer that could be applied to turn a troubled kid into a brilliant inventor, then maybe I could be feature in the New York Daily News, like this girl.

The truth is, that kids are people, not projects.  We need to approach each one differently.  It is not about comparison, it is about value.  For the kid I work with, not getting arrested may actually be a bigger accomplishment than the latest tech invention.  If I don't value that, I am only going to compound the problem.  The universal principle is to be someone that actually takes the time to listen, encourage and dream big each kid.  It is why we have the slogan in our organization of:  We see the hope and potential in EVERY young person.  Do you?
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