Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Youth Culture News: Mountain Dew's Youth Culture Magazine

Every company that targets youth have come to realize that in a social media generation it is not enough to simply market to young people, you have to connect with them.  As a result, it was reported by the advertising news site Brand-e.biz that the soft drink tycoon "Mountain Dew" has created an online youth culture magazine.  You can read the original news release here:


The site, Green-Label.com is a site that fills a bit of a gap in connecting young people with news and information that would interest them such as Art, Music and Fashion.  Whether or not it draws in kids is a side point to why I bring it up.  For the young people I work with it is a cool site to show them.  For youth workers and parents it could be a good source to keep an ear to the ground so to speak.  If you're reading this you are probably already interested in the topic.   They certainly have the resources to post more that I do on the trending topics in the lives of teens. 
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