Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New ad campaign targets boys in the reality of teen parenting

The Chicago department of public health released a series of images that challenge the concepts of teen pregnancy being a primary issue of the female gender.  In these ads, boys are depicted at various stages of pregnancy.  As seen here:

Read more about this campaign by clicking on the image

Some people may be offended at the images, others sing their praises, but one thing is for sure - these ads are creating conversation over the issue of a social issues that is rarely addressed: fatherlessness.  When I first started in youth work, I would occasionally meet a kid without a dad.  Today the majority of young people that I work with come from backgrounds where their dad's are not a part of their lives.  I understand that parents split, divorce happens.  I am not trying to fix broken relationships, but I am an advocate for teaching boys how to be dads.

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