About Me

Hi There, My name is Danny Ferguson.  I am a Youth Worker in Langley, BC, Canada. 
-->What this means depends on the day:

I've been a "social worker" 
I've been a "counselor" 
I've been a "spiritual mentor" 
I've been an "employment counselor"
I've been a "teacher" I've been a "medic" 
But really I've been a friend. 

I am part of the international faith-based organization YFC / Youth Unlimited (a division of Greater Vancouver Youth For Christ) where I serve as the director for the Langley area of our chapter.  I oversee a team of youth workers with a dream that the youth of our community would have the means to live a healthy life: physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.
But really I’m just a normal guy.  I like to ride motorcycles, watch movies and discuss philosophy.  Once upon a time as a young person myself, I was involved in a serious accident where my life was spared, but I was beat up pretty bad.  The implications of this accident left me feeling pretty alone and isolated. One night in the midst of my pain God spoke to me saying, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” I decided to follow him and life hasn’t been the same since.  Two of my primary goals in life are to be a good husband and a good father.  I love being married to my wife April and enjoy the many awesome (and challenging) days in raising my own kids: Josiah, Avery, Micah and Caleb.

Talk to us for very long and we will be able to tell you story after story of the amazing things God has done in the lives of young people as we have gotten to know them.  Also you will notice the tears in our eyes from the stories of kids who have made some terrible decisions in their lives and have suffered unthinkable tragedies.

The Story is always continuing.  Thanks for tagging along.

I love being married to April!